Our Award-Winning Approach

What To Expect

We hear you…

Creating a successful experience starts with our team listening to your needs. What is your event message and goal? Your goals are the foundation of the event strategies and objectives which then translate into an event management and marketing plan to achieve those goals.

All the bases are covered…

Our full-service team approach includes strategic alliance partnerships with event and production professionals, certified meeting planners, professionals specializing in marketing strategy & research, copy writing and editing, public relations, graphic, web design, print and project management.

You see what we see…

Transparency in our budget and billing processes mean that you will have full knowledge and control of all the costs associated with your event. Rest assured we leverage the budget as if it were our own; constantly searching for opportunities to save.

Keep the lines open…

Just as we strive to keep you in the informed, the more we know about your organization, the associations, politics, etc, the better we will be able to perform our roles and responsibilities.


You will receive an Event Management and Marketing Plan Timeline that will help you keep track of the process, meet important deadlines and provide measures for success in the post-review meeting.

Our President & Chief Producer

Peggy Montgomery

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